Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Why Nerds Stick Together

This all started with a conversation at the office about iPhones.  Anyone that knows me knows that I call my iPhone the iPrecious, I love it that much, but it's also a not so subtle homage to my love of the Lord of the Rings...

Co-Worker: You call it the Precious?

Me: Yeah, you know, from the LOTR.

Co-Worker: ...blank stare

Me: Please tell me you've seen the LOTR.

Co-Worker: I've seen the first one, when my son was small.

Me: So you know how Golem calls the ring his precious.

Co-Worker: Well, I've seen it up until the train comes into the station.

Me: The train?

Co-Worker: Yeah, the Hogwarts train.

Me: THAT'S HARRY POTTER! How can you possibly confuse The Lord of the Rings with Harry Potter?!!

Co-Worker: Is that the one written by J.K. Rowling?

Me: *shaking my head* Oh my god, I don't know how we can possibly be friends.

This is a classic example of why nerds flock together.


Padded Cell Princess said...

Hahahaha! I will say that I'm a bigger fan of Harry Potter than LOTR (try to hold your gasps) but goodness, I at least know about them both!

Joshua said...

My brain just ate itself.

Cora said...

Clearly, that person lives under a rock. How bizarre and inexcusable.